Resident Information


Income Affidavit--Big Six is a middle income development. Each year, shareholders are obliged to complete a notarized affidavit showing the income for each resident of the apartment. This ensures that the total household income remains within the guidelines set by New York City’s HPD. A surcharge may be assessed to those whose total incomes are above the allowable maximum. Those not returning notarized affidavits by the deadline are subject to a fine.

Apartment Inspection--Apartments are inspected annually to ensure that cooperators are in compliance with Mitchell Lama and NYC regulations: Nothing stored on terraces; apartment has proper amount of` carpeting; shareholder is reporting proper number of air conditioners; no serious fire hazards are present, no washing machine. Each shareholder is asked to set up a convenient time for this inspection, which takes less than 15 minutes annually.

Window Guard Survey--Window guards are required in every apartment in the City of New York where a child under 11 years of age resides. The City sends a survey to every Big Six apartment to ensure they are installed where required. Additionally, people may request them even where not required. Big Six provides window guards at no charge.

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Every building has its own mail room. The Management office will give you two (2) keys to the box. Your name should be put in the slot on the front of your mailbox with a neat legible sticker.


Intercom System

Every Building lobby has its own intercom system. It is connected to your apartment telephone. If a visitor buzzes from the lobby, the code number he/she dials for your apartment will ring on your phone, enabling you to talk to the visitor and decide whether or not to admit.

Note: Many people are giving up landline phones in lieu of their cellular phones in order to save money. You may ask the phone company to disconnect your landline, but you must leave a phone hooked up to the wall jack in order to use the intercom. (It is not necessary to have a landline phone with a dial tone.)


Parking Spaces

Spaces are available for Big Six shareholders only for a monthly fee. Side parking next to the shopping center is available for rent from 9 pm–9 am for a reduced monthly fee. The Management office maintains a waiting list for spaces.


Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It is mandatory that each apartment have a smoke detector. For Building 3 shareholders only, because of the furnace in the basement, Management will install a carbon monoxide detector in your apartment.


Cable TV and Internet

Cable service is available and even non-cable users can view network TV stations linked up to cable at no cost. Satellite dishes are not permitted. The companies also provide telephone and cable modem service. The providers are:

  • Astound Broadband (Powered by RCN): 1-800-746-4726
  • Spectrum: 1 (833) 267-6094
  • Verizon Fios: 1 (800) VERIZON

Air Conditioners

Before units can be installed, cooperators must notify the Management office. All air conditioners must fit properly into their sleeves. There cost for each air conditioner is included in your maintenance fee and is amortized over the year in order to keep costs level each month. Covers are available at a nominal fee to help prevent winter drafts.

Laundry Rooms

Each building has its own laundry rooms located in their basement, accessed by the “B” elevator. The hours are 6:00 am to 11:00 pm. The last wash should be started no later than 9:00 pm. The washers and dryers use a swipe card system, not coins. Money can get added to the card using the machines provided in the laundry room. Cards and replacement cards cost $5 and can be purchased by calling the Management office.


Storage Rooms

Personal storage rooms are available through the Management office. Storage rooms are located in buildings 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Storage room prices vary according to the size of the room. Locks are advised.


Bicycle Rooms

These bicycle rooms are available to all cooperators. The room is located off the side entrance of each building. This room is for bicycles only, not storage. A key is available for purchase through the Management office. Bicycles must be locked and tagged with your names.



This service is offered through the Management office free of charge. The Exterminator comes every other Wednesday and every other Saturday. Call the office at (718) 898-7022 to schedule an appointment.



Big Six Towers has two playgrounds. The playground located between buildings 6 and 7 has swings, a sprinkler system and a jungle gym. The playground located between buildings 1 and 4 has a small jungle gym and a playground for all children!


Community Rooms-Activities & Parties

A community room is available for parties and social gatherings. This room is located on the side of building two (59-15 47th Avenue). The room is equipped with a kitchen and two bathrooms. The room can be rented at a fee through the Management office. A deposit is required.


Shopping Center

Key Food Supermarket, Hunan-K Chinese Restaurant, Big Six Shoe Repair, Big Six Dry Cleaners, Gina's Pizzeria, Platinum Hair Salon, Big Six Deli, Queens County Savings Bank, Big Six Pharmacy & Medical Offices.


Doctors & Dentists Offices

Professional offices located on Big Six property are:

  • Dr. Helen Reddy, MD - Internal & Geriatric Medicine 59-55 47th Avenue (side entrance of Building 3) (718) 426-6400
  • Paul Kesselman, DPM - Foot Specialist, Podiatrist 59-55 47th Avenue (side entrance of Building 3) (718) 651-6155
  • Crecer Inc. - Psychotherapy/Psychiatry Services 46-10 61 Street Apt. #1H (side entrance of Building 5) (347) 642-4086
  • Michael Weiss, DDS - Dental Offices59- 40 Queens Blvd. (side entrance of Building 4) (347) 642-4086


Move ins/Move outs & Furniture Deliveries

All moving and bulk deliveries should take place through the side door between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. Padding is required on the “A” elevator to prevent damage. Please notify the Management office at least 24 hours prior to all moving and deliveries of large items to allow time to install the pads.


The Big Six Website is There, you will be able to view and print the latest approved Board of Directors minutes and Big Six policies. To gain access the first time, go to the website and register by entering your email address and account number from your bill. Within a week, you will be approved.

Elections—Board of Elections

Each year, you can vote in the national and statewide elections in Building 2 Community Room. If this is a new voting district for you, call the Queens County Board of Elections at (718) 730‑6730 to find out how to register in person or by mail.

Big Six Towers is in State Assembly District #30, State Senatorial District #14, City Council District #26, Community Board #2 and School District #24.