Legislative breakfast 5/5/2023

This morning the Board as a whole invited the Congessional Representatives, State Senator, Assemblyman and Council member and their staffs to discuss the future of the Big Six power plant as it relates to Local Laws 38 and 97 and the state mandates of CLCAP and Cap and Invest. The financial implications of going forward on our own would be unattainable. We indicated that going forward this endeavor could cost up to $30 million.

The persons in attendance were attentive clearly understood that as a Mitchell Lama that we needed fiscal resources to remain affordable. Congress Person Velazquez clearly understood as did Congress Person Meng knew of the issues surrounding the laws. We stated we were looking for a path forward to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

After the initial presentation, both the representatives outlined steps to that all present must do going forward. Ms. Velazquez sits on the Subcommitte for Housing and indicated that the rules for the IRA have yet to be finished but she will go forward as our advocate and Ms Meng would be in coordination in this effort annd contact Sen Schumer in this regard. Ms Velazquez asked if we would forward our financials as she understood that we had a signficant increase and we were more then willing to do this.

A couple of local issues came up one was the flooding issues in rainstorms. We indicated that we felt that the pumps under the BQE were not well maintained and that included the catch basins as well. Ms Won indicated that Queens as a whole is underserved when it come to sewer and water infrastructure. We learned that when our basements flood everyone should call 311 as the more calls there is the higher up the food chain the complaints go and may get resolved in a more timely fashion.

I would like to thank all who were in attendance today.

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John Gillooly